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Sunday- Thursday 8PM
Friday. Saturday 9PM

Schedule updates are posted verbatim from Pat McIntyre within 30 mins of receipt.
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Wednesday April 16 Miss Quincy 
Thursday  April 17 Peter Karp & Sue Foley
Friday    April 18 Front Porch Roots Revue 
Saturday  April 19 1PM Blues Jam
Saturday  April 19 9PM Front Porch Roots Revue
Sunday    April 20 Closed 
Monday    April 21 Closed 
Tuesday   April 22 Fearing & White
Wednesday April 23 Open Mic

Thursday  April 24 Flamenco Por Flamenco 
Friday    April 25 All Neil All Night
Saturday  April 26 2PM Big Band Brunch with Joe LaBarbera 
Saturday  April 26 9PM All Neil All Night
Sunday    April 27 2PM Fox Big Band
Sunday    April 27 8PM Andy Brown
Monday    April 28 Ship Shape
Tuesday   April 29 Sarah Jane Scouten, The Bitterweed Draw
Wednesday April 30 Open Mic

Thursday   May 01 7PM Westwinds Music Society w/ Dick Oatts
Friday     May 02 Music in the Mountains
Saturday   May 03 Blueswak Blues Jam
Saturday   May 03 7PM Westwinds Music Society Choirs
Sunday     May 04 12PM Westwinds Music Society 
Sunday     May 04 7PM Westwinds Music Society 
Monday     May 05 7PM Westwinds Music Society 
Tuesday    May 06 7PM Westwinds Music Society 
Wednesday  May 07 Open Mic   

Thursday   May 08 Skydiggers
Friday     May 09 Skydiggers
Saturday   May 10 2PM Big Band Brunch
Saturday   May 10 9PM Skydiggers
Sunday     May 11 3PM Bluegrass Sessions, Jr Sisk
Monday     May 12 Klezmerovitz
Tuesday    May 13 TBA
Wednesday  May 14 Open Mic 

Thursday   May 15 Oliver Swain's Leonard Cohen Tribute w/ John Wort Hannam, Matt Masters
Friday     May 16 Ray Charles Tribute with John Gray 
Saturday   May 17 1PM Blueswak Blues Jam
Saturday   May 17 9PM Kirby Sewell Band
Sunday     May 18 2PM The Sounds of Sinatra Woodhouse Big Band
Sunday     May 18 8PM Brandy Zdan, Scott Nolan
Monday     May 19 CLOSED
Tuesday    May 20 Chris Derksen, Kristi Lane Sinclair
Wednesday  May 21 Open Mic

Thursday   May 22 Leeroy Stagger
Friday     May 23 Ben Sures 
Saturday   May 24 2PM Big Band Brunch w/ PJ Perry
Saturday   May 24 9PM Eighth Annual Dylan Bash
Sunday     May 25 2PM Springbank Big Band
Sunday     May 25 6PM Westmount Charter Recital 
Monday     May 26 Shannon Lyon
Tuesday    May 27 Daniel Heffner
Wednesday  May 28 Open Mic

Thursday   May 29 7:30 Ellen Doty 
Friday     May 30 7:30 Ellen Doty 
Saturday   May 31 1PM Blueswak Blues Jam
Saturday   May 31 9PM Anderson Burko
Sunday     June 01 Zephyr Music Recital 
Sunday     June 01 The Archers
Monday     June 02 Curtis Nowosad
Tuesday    June 03 Adams Rib
Wednesday  June 04 Open Mic

Thursday   June 05 Lucas Chaisson, Chris Gheran
Friday     June 06 TBA
Saturday   June 07 2PM Big Band Brunch
Saturday   June 07 9PM Rick McGhie
Sunday     June 08 2PM Fox Big Band
Sunday     June 08 8PM Sarah Curle
Monday     June 09 Real Poncho's
Tuesday    June 10 Central Memorial High School 
Wednesday  June 11 Open Mic

Thursday   June 12 TBA
Friday     June 13 Mocking Shadows 
Saturday   June 14 1PM Blueswak Bluesjam
Saturday   June 14 9PM Brent Tyler 
Sunday     June 15 2PM KLM School of Rock
Sunday     June 15 6:30PM Leela Presents
Monday     June 16 Summit Big Band
Tuesday    June 17 Outer Bridge Ensemble
Wednesday  June 18 SLED ISLAND

Thursday   June 19 SLED ISLAND
Friday     June 20 SLED ISLAND
Saturday   June 21 SLED ISLAND
Sunday     June 22 2PM Bluegrass Sessions
Sunday     June 22 8PM Lonesome Pony
Monday     June 23 6PM Bill Frisell - GUITAR IN THE SPACE AGE!
Monday     June 23 9PM Bill Frisell - GUITAR IN THE SPACE AGE!
Tuesday    June 24 Das Trio, The Moving Instant
Wednesday  June 25 The Weber Brothers

Thursday   June 26 Jazz YYC
Friday     June 27 Jazz YYC
Saturday   June 28 1PM Blueswak Blues Jam
Saturday   June 28 9PM Tom Phillips & the Men of Constant Sorrow
Sunday     June 29 8PM Sean Ashby, Randy Hutchings 
Monday     June 30 The Wellington Folk
Tuesday    July 01 Chris Culgin
Wednesday  July 02 Open Mic

Thursday   July 03 Tremeloco
Friday     July 04 Tom Phillips and the Men of Constant Sorrow
Saturday   July 05 2PM Blues Jam
Saturday   July 05 9PM Ridley Bent
Sunday     July 06 2PM Hackamores
Sunday     July 06 8PM NQ Arbuckle
Monday     July 07 Hillary Grist, Dominique Fricot, JJ Shiplett
Tuesday    July 08 John Reid's New Orleans Style Blues & Rhythm Revue
Wednesday  July 09 Open Mic

Thursday   July 10 Petunia & the Vipers
Friday     July 11 Ridley Bent
Saturday   July 12 2PM Blues Jam
Saturday   July 12 9PM Goodfoot
Sunday     July 13 2PM Bluegrass Sessions
Sunday     July 13 8PM Rustic Brothers
Monday     July 14 ArbaChein
Tuesday    July 15 The Neutral States
Wednesday  July 16 Open Mic

Thursday   July 17 James McMurtry
Friday     July 18 Atacama Republic, Thrill of Falling, Implcated Order
Saturday   July 19 2PM Blues Jam
Saturday   July 19 9PM TBA
Sunday     July 20 2PM TBA
Sunday     July 20 8PM Deadpan Alley
Monday     July 21 Scarlett Jane
Tuesday    July 22 The F-Holes
Wednesday  July 23 Open Mic

Thursday   July 24 Thad Beckman
Friday     July 25 Kirby Sewell Band
Saturday   July 26 2PM Blues Jam
Saturday   July 26 9PM Kirby Sewell Band
Sunday     July 27 2PM TBA 
Sunday     July 27 8PM TBA
Monday     July 28 TBA
Tuesday    July 29 TBA
Wednesday  July 30 Open Mic

Thursday   July 31 Steve Bowers
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