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Sunday- Thursday 8PM
Friday. Saturday 9PM

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Tuesday    February 24 8PM Sean Hogan
Wednesday  February 25 8PM Ironwood Open Mic

Thursday   February 26 8PM The June Bugs
Friday     February 27 9PM Kaley Kinjo
Saturday   February 28 1PM Big Band Brunch
Saturday   February 28 9PM Amos Garrett Trio  
Sunday     March 01 2PM  The Stanfields  
Sunday     March 01 8PM The Steel Wheels
Monday     March 02 8PM Shaye Zadravec & Friends
Tuesday    March 03 Laurell Barker 
Wednesday  March 04 OPEN MIC

Thursday   March 05 Muerete Pan Alley , Carter Felker  
Friday     March 06 Kirby Swell Band 
Saturday   March 07 2PM Don Yuswak FamJam
Saturday   March 07 9pm Madison Krebs 
Sunday     March 08 2PM  
Sunday     March 08 7PM Calgary Women in Jazz  
Monday     March 09 Sarah Burton 
Tuesday    March 10 Twenty Centuries Stony Sleep 
Wednesday  March 11 OPEN MIC,  CMC Slideshow with Barry Blanchard

Thursday   March 12
Friday     March 13 Mocking Shadows 
Saturday   March 14 2PM Big Band Brunch
Saturday   March 14 8pm The Wandering V's St. Paddy's Bash
Sunday     March 15 2PM  Give a Kid a Lift
Sunday     March 15 8PM 
Monday     March 16 The Northern Beauties  
Tuesday    March 17 John Campbell Band's St Patricks Day with Charlie  
Wednesday  March 18 OPEN MIC

Thursday   March 19 Duane Steel
Friday     March 20 The Uppercuts
Saturday   March 21 2PM Don Yuzwak FamJam
Saturday   March 21 9pm  TBA
Sunday     March 22 2PM Bluegrass Sessions  
Sunday     March 22 8PM  Ellen McIlwaine
Monday     March 23 Brent Tyler's almost 20year reunion
Tuesday    March 24 Ethan Cole 
Wednesday  March 25 OPEN MIC

Thursday   March 26 6:45 Special Event with Philip Sayce 
Thursday   March 26 9PM Mike Edel, The Tower of trees  
Friday     March 27 Mike Edel, The Tower of Trees
Saturday   March 28 2PM Big Band Brunch
Saturday   March 28 8pm Ralph Boyd Johnson & the Intercity Outlaws  
Sunday     March 29 2PM  KLM School of Rock
Sunday     March 29 8PM  Coleen Brown, CBC's Key of A Recording 
Monday     March 30 Special show, Stay tuned  
Tuesday    March 31 Shona Rae & the Voodoo Hand
Wednesday  April 01 Open Mic
Thursday   April 02 Chris Trapper
Friday     April 03 Steve Coffey & the Locals, Emily Triggs
Saturday   April 04 2PM Don Yuzwak's FamJam
Saturday   April 04 9pm Neil Gunhols
Sunday     April 05 2PM Closed To Hide Eggs
Sunday     April 05 8PM Closed to Eat Eggs

Monday     April 06 Closed To Recover From Eggs
Tuesday    April 07 TBA
Wednesday  April 08 Open Mic
Thursday   April 09 Devon Coyote
Friday     April 10 Lucas Chaisson
Saturday   April 11 2PM Big Band Brunch
Saturday   April 11 9pm Michael Jerome Brown
Sunday     April 12 2PM Sentimental Journey Big Band  
Sunday     April 12 8PM Randy's Freedom

Monday     April 13 Summit Big Band
Tuesday    April 14 Del Barber
Wednesday  April 15 Laila Biali  
Thursday   April 16 The Bills
Friday     April 17 All Neil All Night
Saturday   April 18 2PM Don Yuzwak's FamJam
Saturday   April 18 9pm All Neil All Night
Sunday     April 19 2PM Bluegrass Sessions with Steve Fisher
Sunday     April 19 7PM Westwinds Music Society  
Monday     April 20 7PM Westwinds Music Society
Tuesday    April 21 Tangleclove
Wednesday  April 22 Open Mic
Thursday   April 23 Rodney Decroo, Chris Page 
Friday     April 24 Tower of Song a Tribute to Leonard Cohen
Saturday   April 25 2PM Big Band Brunch
Saturday   April 25 9pm T-Buck
Sunday     April 26 2PM Jens Lindemann Quartet  
Sunday     April 26 7:30PM Daniel Heffner 

Monday     April 27 TBA  
Tuesday    April 28 Angela Saini 
Wednesday  April 29 Open Mic
Thursday   April 30 Jack Marks 
Friday     May 01 Westwinds Music Society 
Saturday   May 02 2PM Don Yuzwak's FamJam
Saturday   May 02 9pm Westwinds Music Society 
Sunday     May 03 2PM Westwinds Music Society 
Sunday     May 03 8PM Westwinds Music Society 

Monday     May 04 Westwinds Music Society 
Tuesday    May 05 Westwinds Music Society 
Wednesday  May 06 John Wort Hannam
Thursday   May 07 The Skydiggers
Friday     May 08 The Skydiggers
Saturday   May 09 2PM Big Band Brunch
Saturday   May 09 9pm The Skydiggers
Sunday     May 10 12noon Calgary Fiddlers
Sunday     May 10 7PM Calgary Fiddlers  

Monday     May 11 Gordie Tentrees,Jaxon Haldane 
Tuesday    May 12 Sweet Alibi
Wednesday  May 13 Open Mic
Thursday   May 14 Orit Shimoni
Friday     May 15 Ray Charles Tribute Orchestra
Saturday   May 16 2PM Don Yuzwak's FamJam
Saturday   May 16 9pm Tom Olson & the Wreckage
Sunday     May 17 2PM Fox Big Band
Sunday     May 17 8PM Peter Katz

Monday     May 18 Hello Moth
Tuesday    May 19 Andy Brown
Wednesday  May 20 Open Mic 
Thursday   May 21 Ben Rogers & the Bloodred Yonder
Friday     May 22 Jeff Straker
Saturday   May 23 2PM Big Band Brunch
Saturday   May 23 9pm The Jaimies, SAVK  
Sunday     May 24 2PM Springbank Big Band
Sunday     May 24 8PM Bob Dylan's Birthday Bash

Monday     May 25 Last Ditch on the Left,Carmanah 
Tuesday    May 26 Jory Kinjo
Wednesday  May 27 Open Mic 
Thursday   May 28 Lion, Bear, Fox
Friday     May 29 Leeroy Stagger
Saturday   May 30 2PM Don Yuzwak's FamJam
Saturday   May 30 9pm Anderson Burko
Sunday     May 31 11am Leela Aheer Presents
Sunday     May 31 7PM Leela Aheer Presents