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Sunday- Thursday 8PM
Friday. Saturday 9PM

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Thursday   January 22 8PM Smoking Aces
Friday     January 23 9PM Dave McCann & the Firehearts
Saturday   January 24 1PM Don Yuzwak Fam Jam
Saturday   January 24 9PM Tribute to Ella Fitzgerald,  Deanne Matley 
Sunday     January 25 2PM Craig Cardiff
Sunday     January 25 7PM Craig Cardiff
Monday     January 26 8PM Red Mile Music presents Marc Rivest, Carla Olive  
Tuesday    January 27 8PM Ari Neufeld
Wednesday  January 28 8PM Ironwood Open Mic

Thursday   January 29 8PM Tim Williams and the Electrofires 
Friday     January 30 9PM The Joe Defendance 
Saturday   January 31 1PM Big Band Brunch
Saturday   January 31 9PM Magnolia Buckskin
Sunday     February 01 2PM  SUPERBOWL
Monday     February 02 8PM JR Louis  
Tuesday    February 03 8PM 
Wednesday  February 04 8PM Ironwood Open Mic

Thursday   February 05 8PM Jay Semko 
Friday     February 06 9PM Paul Reddick, Steve Marriner  
Saturday   February 07 1PM Don Yuzwak FamJam  
Saturday   February 07 9PM Tim Hus Annual Stompin' Tom Birthday 
Sunday     February 08 10AM Tom Coxworth 20th Anniversary of Folk Routes CKUA Live from the Ironwood 
Sunday     February 08 2PM Bow Valley Music Club Fundraiser
Sunday     February 08 8PM Fearing & White
Monday     February 09 8PM Kim Beggs 
Tuesday    February 10 8PM Lynnea Rose,  Amelie Patterson 
Wednesday  February 11 6PM CMC Slideshow with Urs Kallen   
Wednesday  February 11 8PM Ironwood Open Mic

Thursday   February 12 8PM Catherine MacLellan 
Friday     February 13 9PM Black Belt 
Saturday   February 14 1PM Big Band Brunch
Saturday   February 14 9PM Alfie Zappacosta's Valentines Day Show
Sunday     February 15 2PM Rob Legace & Friends
Sunday     February 15 8PM Abbie Thurgood  
Monday     February 16 8PM Mathew Byrne
Tuesday    February 17 8PM John Reid's Mardi Gras Celebration
Wednesday  February 18 8PM Ironwood Open Mic

Thursday   February 19 6:30 & 8PM Jazz YYC
Friday     February 20 9PM Georgia Sound 
Saturday   February 21 1PM Don Yuzwak FamJam 8th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION 
Saturday   February 21 8PM Minverva  
Sunday     February 22 2PM Bluegrass Sessions
Sunday     February 22 8PM 
Monday     February 23 8PM
Tuesday    February 24 8PM
Wednesday  February 25 8PM Ironwood Open Mic

Thursday   February 26 8PM The June Bugs
Friday     February 27 9PM Kaley Kinjo
Saturday   February 28 1PM Big Band Brunch
Saturday   February 28 9PM Amos Garrett Trio
Sunday     March 01 2PM  The Stanfields  
Sunday     March 01 8PM The Steel Wheels
Monday     March 02 
Tuesday    March 03 Laurell Barker 
Wednesday  March 04 OPEN MIC

Thursday   March 05 Muerete Pan Alley 
Friday     March 06 Kirby Swell Band 
Saturday   March 07 2PM Don Yuswak FamJam
Saturday   March 07 8pm Madison Krebs 
Sunday     March 08 2PM  
Sunday     March 08 8PM Calgary Women in Jazz 
Monday     March 09 Sarah Burton 
Tuesday    March 10 
Wednesday  March 11 OPEN MIC,  CMC Slideshow with Barry Blanchard

Thursday   March 12
Friday     March 13 Mocking Shadows 
Saturday   March 14 2PM Big Band Brunch
Saturday   March 14 8pm The Wandering V's St Paddy's
Sunday     March 15 2PM  Give a Kid a Lift
Sunday     March 15 8PM 
Monday     March 16
Tuesday    March 17
Wednesday  March 18 OPEN MIC

Thursday   March 19 
Friday     March 20 The Uppercuts
Saturday   March 21 2PM Don Yuzwak Jam
Saturday   March 21 8pm 
Sunday     March 22 2PM Bluegrass Sessions  
Sunday     March 22 8PM  
Monday     March 23 Brent Tyler's almost 20 year reunion 
Tuesday    March 24 
Wednesday  March 25 OPEN MIC

Thursday   March 26 Mike Edel/ The Tower of trees 
Friday     March 27 Mike Edel/ The Tower of Trees 
Saturday   March 28 2PM Big Band Brunch
Saturday   March 28 8pm Private Function
Sunday     March 29 2PM  KLM School of Rock
Sunday     March 29 8PM 
Monday     March 30 TBA
Tuesday    March 31