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Sunday- Thursday 8PM
Friday. Saturday 9PM

Schedule updates are posted verbatim from Pat McIntyre within 30 mins of receipt.
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Thursday  June 23 8PM Amy Bishop Trio
Friday    June 24 9PM Latania Project 
Saturday  June 25 2PM Don Yuzwak's Famjam
Saturday  June 25 9PM Smoking Aces Blues Band
Sunday    June 26 2PM Bluegrass Sessions
Sunday    June 26 8PM TBA

Monday    June 27 8PM Chris Culgin
Tuesday   June 28 8PM Tim Tamashiro's Whatnot Variety Show
Wednesday June 29 8PM Open Mic
Thursday  June 30 8PM The Wellington Folk, Arcadian Suns
Friday    July 01 9PM Redhead Mack
Saturday  July 02 1PM Don Yuzwak's Famjam
Saturday  July 02 9PM Cousin Harley, The Hi-Strung Downers
Sunday    July 03 2Pm TBA
Sunday    July 03 8PM El Camino

Monday    July 04 8PM The Northwest Passage, SAvK
Tuesday   July 05 8PM Here for Beer
Wednesday July 06 Open Mic
Thursday  July 07 Party on High Street
Friday    July 08 9PM Tom Phillips & the Men of Constant Sorrow Stampede kick off
Saturday  July 09 1PM Don Yuzwak's Famjam
Saturday  July 09 9PM Ranph Boyd Johnson & the Innercity Outlaws
Sunday    July 10 2PM TBA
Sunday    July 10 8PM NQ Arbuckle 

Monday    July 11 8PM TBA
Tuesday   July 12 8PM Manitoba Hal Brolund 
Wednesday July 13 8PM Open Mic
Thursday  July 14 8PM Patrick Alexander Leclerc, Miss Quincy
Friday    July 14 9PM The Jo Defendants 
Saturday  July 16 1PM Don Yuzwak's Famjam
Saturday  July 16 9PM Mike Plume
Sunday    July 17 2PM Bluegrass Sessions
Sunday    July 17 8PM TBA

Monday    July 18 8PM Melinda MacDonald
Tuesday   July 19 8PM Drew Rouse Band
Wednesday July 20 8PM Open Mic
Thursday  July 21 8PM Archer
Friday    July 22 8PM The Wandering V's, Bryson Waind & the Citizen Band 
Saturday  July 23 1PM Don Yuzwak's Famjam
Saturday  July 23 9PM TBA
Sunday    July 24 2PM TBA
Sunday    July 24 8PM In With the Old 

Monday    July 25 8PM Ian MacDonald
Tuesday   July 26 8PM Henry Wagons
Wednesday July 27 8Pm Open Mic
Thursday  July 28 8PM GhostBoy
Friday    July 29 9PM Kirby Swell Band
Saturday  July 30 1PM Don Yuzwak's Famjam, SUNFEST
Saturday  July 30 9PM Randy McAllister 
Sunday    July 31 2PM TBA
Sunday    July 31 8PM TBA

Monday    August 01 8PM TBA
Tuesday   August 02 8PM TBA
Wednesday August 03 8PM Open Mic
Thursday  August 04 8PM Chloe Albert
Friday    August 05 9PM Ben Plotnick
Saturday  August 06 1PM Don Yuzwak's Famjam
Saturday  August 06 9PM Aaron Pollock
Sunday    August 07 2PM TBA
Sunday    August 07 7PM Levi Cuss & Friends

Monday    August 08 8PM Adrian Nation 
Tuesday   August 09 8PM The East Pointers
Wednesday August 10 8PM Lusitania Lights, Maverick Cinema
Thursday  August 11 8PM TBA
Friday    August 12 9PM Elk Run & Riot
Saturday  August 13 1PM Don Yuzwak's Famjam
Saturday  August 13 9PM TBA
Sunday    August 14 2PM Bluegrass Sessions
Sunday    August 14 8PM Dominique Fricot

Monday    August 15 8PM The Heights
Tuesday   August 16 8PM Steve Pineo's Elvis
Wednesday August 17 8PM Private Function
Thursday  August 18 8PM Harrow Fair
Friday    August 19 9PM Matt Patershuk & Friends
Saturday  August 20 1PM Don Yuzwak's Famjam
Saturday  August 20 9PM Alfie Zappacosta
Sunday    August 21 2PM TBA 
Sunday    August 21 8PM Jen Matthias

Monday    August 22 Closed
Tuesday   August 23 Closed
Wednesday August 24 Closed
Thursday  August 25 7PM Ambrose Jazz Camp with Al Kay
Friday    August 26 9PM SiR 
Saturday  August 27 1PM Don Yuzwak's Famjam
Saturday  August 27 9PM TBA
Sunday    August 28 Closed
Monday    August 29 Closed
Tuesday   August 30 8PM Toby Beard Band 
Wednesday August 31 8PM Jen Lane & John Antoniuk