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Sunday- Thursday 8PM
Friday. Saturday 9PM

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Wednesday    August 02 8PM OPEN MIC
Thursday     August 03 8PM The New Customs
Friday       August 04 9PM Over the Moon <<-- NEW
Saturday     August 05 1PM SUNFEST!! Don Yuzwak's Fam Jam
Saturday     August 05 9PM The Steel Wheels
Sunday       August 06 Closed

Monday       August 07 8PM  <<-- NEW
Tuesday      August 08 8PM The Jerry Cans 
Wednesday    August 09 8PM Ben Waters
Thursday     August 10 8PM Ben Waters
Friday       August 11 9PM Sam Weber
Saturday     August 13 8PM Barry & Lori Greenfield 
Sunday       August 13 8PM Lynn Jackson / Craig Aikman 

Monday       August 14 8PM TBA 
Tuesday      August 15 8PM Caleb Hart
Wednesday    August 16 8PM Steve Pineo Presents The Dead Elvis Bash
Thursday     August 17 8PM Paul Reddick Band, Greg Cockerill Band
Friday       August 18 9PM The Northern Beauties & their Drifter Friends<<-- NEW
Saturday     August 19 1PM TBA <<-- NEW
Saturday     August 19 9PM Craig Moreau
Sunday       August 20 2PM Blusgrass Sessions
Sunday       August 20 8PM Amelie Patterson

Monday       August 21 8PM Closed
Tuesday      August 22 7PM Teddi Lee
Wednesday    August 23 8PM OPEN MIC
Thursday     August 24 8PM Jody Quine/Rob Mitchelson <<-- NEW
Friday       August 25 9PM J.P. Hoe ,  Folk Road Show
Saturday     August 26 9PM Arcadian Suns ,  Lighter Than Arrows
Sunday       August 27 2PM The Hope State <<-- NEW
Sunday       August 27 8PM Dominique Fricot

Monday       August 28 7PM Laura Hickli
Tuesday      August 29 8PM Toby Beard 
Wednesday    August 30 8PM OPEN MIC
Thursday     August 31 8PM Matt Coldwell Jazz Trio <<-- NEW
Friday       September 01 9PM Sean Ashby/Slow Leaves
Saturday     September 02 1PM TBA <<-- NEW
Saturday     September 02 9PM Prohibition Hall <<-- NEW
Sunday       September 03 2PM Gobsmacked on the Music Mile
Sunday       September 03 8PM Amy Bishop <<-- NEW

Monday       September 04 8PM Closed 
Tuesday      September 05 8PM Simon Kempston 
Wednesday    September 06 8PM OPEN MIC
Thursday     September 07 8PM Randy McAllister
Friday       September 08 9PM John Wort Hannam
Saturday     September 09  1PM TBA
Saturday     September 09  9PM The Weber Brothers

Sunday       September 10 2PM TBA
Sunday       September 10 8PM Nick Mintenko/Foxglove <<-- NEW
Monday       September 11 8PM Nick Faye
Tuesday      September 12 8PM Mathew Byrne
Wednesday    September 13 8PM Open Mic
Thursday     September 14 8PM TBA
Friday       September 15 9PM Jack Semple
Saturday     September 16 1PM TBA <<-- NEW
Saturday     September 16 9PM Jack Semple

Sunday       September 17 2PM Danielle Deighton
Sunday       September 17 8PM The Snyders  
Monday       September 18 8PM Helen Blum/Harald Haugaard
Tuesday      September 19 8PM TBA
Wednesday    September 20 8PM Open Mic
Thursday     September 21 8PM Exit Party
Friday       September 22 9PM Bruce Springsteen's Birthday Bash
Saturday     September 23 2PM Big Band Brunch Returns 
Saturday     September 23 9PM Bruce Springsteen's Birthday Bash
Sunday       September 24 2PM Bluegrass Sessions
Sunday       September 24 8PM Ian Tyson  

Monday       September 25 8PM Closed <<-- NEW
Tuesday      September 26 8PM Dan DuGay's The Who Knows Variety Show <<-- NEW
Wednesday    September 27 8PM Petunia & the Vipers
Thursday     September 28 8PM The Karpinka Brothers
Friday       September 29 9PM Professor Louie & the Crowmatix
Saturday     September 30 9PM Rooster Blues Band