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Sunday- Thursday 8PM
Friday. Saturday 9PM

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Thursday   October 30 Tasman Jude, Uno Band 
Friday     October 31 9PM Jack Semple, Steve Hill 
Saturday   November 01 Don Yuzak Blues Jam
Saturday   November 01 9PM Jack Semple
Sunday     November 02 2PM Woodhouse Big Band
Sunday     November 02 7PM Westwinds Music
Monday     November 03 Westwinds Music
Tuesday    November 04 Steve Hill 
Wednesday  November 05 Ironwood Open Mic

Thursday   November 06 7PM Jazz YYC
Friday     November 07 7PM Jazz YYC
Saturday   November 08 2PM Big Band Brunch
Saturday   November 08 9PM Private Function
Sunday     November 09 2PM Bluegrass Sessions
Sunday     November 09 8PM Matt Patershuk Band, Carter Fleker   
Monday     November 10 Oh Susanna
Tuesday    November 11 NQ Arbuckle 
Wednesday  November 12 Ironwood Open Mic

Thursday   November 13 TBA
Friday     November 14 9PM Mariel Buckley 
Saturday   November 15 Don Yuzwak Blues Jam
Saturday   November 15 9PM Kirby Sewell
Sunday     November 15 2PM Fox Big Band 
Sunday     November 16 8PM The Crooked Brothers
Monday     November 17 Peter Carp & Sue Foley  
Tuesday    November 18 TBA
Wednesday  November 19 Ironwood Open Mic

Thursday   November 20 Daniel Cahmpagne 
Friday     November 21 9PM John Bryant
Saturday   November 22 2PM Big Band Brunch guest Allen Vuzzutti 
Saturday   November 22 9PM Sean Burns, Tin & the Toad
Sunday     November 23 2PM Springbank Big Band 
Sunday     November 23 8PM Red Moon Road 
Monday     November 24 7PM Summit Big Band 
Tuesday    November 25 Rye & Fairy Tails 
Wednesday  November 26 Ironwood Open Mic

Thursday   November 27 Danny Michel 
Friday     November 28 9PM Barney Bentall and the Grand Cariboo Opry 
Saturday   November 29 Don Yuzwak Blues Jam
Saturday   November 29 9PM Tim Hus
Sunday     November 30 2PM Zephyr music Recital  
Sunday     November 30 8PM TBA
Monday     December 01 8 Bit Dynasty, Seven Cedars  
Tuesday    December 02 Oscar Lopez 
Wednesday  December 03 Oscar Lopez 

Thursday   December 04 Geoff Berner, Rae Spoon
Friday     December 05 9PM Private Function
Saturday   December 06 2PM Big Band Brunch 
Saturday   December 06 9PM TBA
Sunday     December 07 2PM 2PM Big Band Brunch 
Sunday     December 07 7:30PM Johanna Sillanpaa
Monday     December 08 Andrew Allen   
Tuesday    December 09 Eugene Ripper  
Wednesday  December 10 Ironwood Open Mic

Thursday   December 11 Steve Pineo's Christmas Bash
Friday     December 12 9PM Steve Pineo's Christmas Bash
Saturday   December 13 Don 2PM Big Band Brunch 
Saturday   December 13 9PM Steve Pineo's Christmas Bash
Sunday     December 14 2PM Bluegrass Sessions
Sunday     December 14 8PM Jocelyn & Lisa   
Monday     December 15 Kacy & Clayton 
Tuesday    December 16 Craig Moreau 
Wednesday  December 17 Ironwood Open Mic

Thursday   December 18 Denzal Sinclaire & the B3 Kings
Friday     December 19 9PM JJ Shiplett 
Saturday   December 20 Big Don Yuzwak Blues Jam 
Saturday   December 20 9PM Mocking Shadows 
Sunday     December 21 2PM Bluesland with The Cold Sweat Hornes  
Sunday     December 21 8PM Allistair Elliott Christmas Concert 
Monday     December 22 Brent Tyler's 5th Annual Christmas Ball 
Tuesday    December 23 Closed 
Wednesday  December 24 Closed 

Thursday   December 25 Closed 
Friday     December 26 9PM
Saturday   December 27 Blues Jam 
Saturday   December 27 9PM Daniel Heffner 
Sunday     December 28 2PM TBA 
Sunday     December 28 8PM Tom Olsen & the Wreckage
Monday     December 29 TBA
Tuesday    December 30 TBA
Wednesday  December 31 New Year's Eve w, Tom Phillips & the Men of Constant Sorrow