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Sunday- Thursday 8PM
Friday. Saturday 9PM

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Friday    NOV 17 9PM Skydiggers 
Saturday  NOV 18 2PM Big Band 
Saturday  NOV 18 9PM BG & The Inferno 
Sunday    NOV 19 2PM Bluegrass Sessions
Sunday    NOV 19 8PM WestWinds 
Monday    NOV 20 8PM Ruth Purvis Smith & the Grinches 
                     "How to Servive Christmas <<== NEW
Tuesday   NOV 21 8PM Westwinds Music Society <<== NEW
Wednesday NOV 22 8PM Open Mic 
Thursday  NOV 23 8PM Jason McDonald, Colin Grant 
Friday    NOV 24 9PM Kirby Sewell 
Saturday  NOV 25 2PM Don Yuzwak's Fam Jam 
Saturday  NOV 25 9PM Kirby Sewell 
Sunday    NOV 26 2PM Lisa Anderson 
Sunday    NOV 26 8PM All Ages Extravaganza 
Monday    NOV 27 8PM Todd Stewart & Joey Wright <<== NEW
Tuesday   NOV 28 8PM Dan Duguay's Who Knows Variety Show 
Wednesday NOV 29 8PM Chuck Rose's Stan Rogers Tribute 
Thursday  NOV 30 8PM Suzie Vinnick, Tony Diteodoro <<== NEW
Friday    DEC 01 9PM Ian Tyson 
Saturday  DEC 02 2PM Big Band 
Saturday  DEC 02 9PM Amos Garret, Julian Kerr 
Sunday    DEC 03 2PM Big Band 
Sunday    DEC 03 8PM Uncle Wiggles 
Monday    DEC 04 8PM TBA  <<== NEW
Tuesday   DEC 05 8PM Woodhouse Big Band 
Wednesday DEC 06 8PM Craig Cardiff 
Thursday  DEC 07 8PM Steve Pineo Christmas Bash 
Friday    DEC 08 9PM Steve Pineo Christmas Bash 
Saturday  DEC 09 2PM Fox Big Band 
Saturday  DEC 09 9PM Steve Pineo Christmas Bash 
Sunday    DEC 10 3PM Steve Pineo Christmas Bash 
Sunday    DEC 10 8PM Eugene Ripper 
Monday    DEC 11 8PM Richard Inman 
Tuesday   DEC 12 8PM Brad Carrigan & Friends Homeless Benefit  
Wednesday DEC 13 8PM Open Mic/ CMC Slideshow 
Thursday  DEC 14 8PM Tom Phillips CD Release 
Friday    DEC 15 9PM 24th Street Wailers, CBC Homestretch 3-6PM  
Saturday  DEC 16 9PM JAZZ YYC presents Phil Dwyer Quartet 
Sunday    DEC 17 1PM Bluegrass Sessions 
Sunday    DEC 17 8PM Oscar Lopez 
Monday    DEC 18 8PM The Swing Kings 
Tuesday   DEC 19 8PM Amy Bishops Christmas Bash 
Wednesday DEC 20 8PM Open Mic 
Thursday  DEC 21 8PM Allistair Elliot's Christmas Concert 
Friday    DEC 22 9PM Jory Kinjo 
Saturday  DEC 23 2PM Brent Tyler Christmas Bash, Brook Wilie 
Saturday  DEC 23 9PM Brent Tyler Christmas Bash, Brook Wilie 
Sunday    DEC 24 2PM Closed 
Sunday    DEC 24 8PM Closed 
Monday    DEC 25 8PM Closed 
Tuesday   DEC 26 8PM Closed 
Wednesday DEC 27 8PM Open Mic 
Thursday  DEC 28 8PM Matt Better 
Friday    DEC 29 9PM Three Finger Shot 
Saturday  DEC 30 9PM Luke Dowler/ Bebe Buckskin  <<== NEW
Sunday    DEC 31 8PM New Years Eve with Danny Vacon 
Monday    JAN 01 8PM Hank Over