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Sunday- Thursday 8PM
Friday. Saturday 9PM

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Monday     May 25 8PM Last Ditch on the Left, Carmanah 
Tuesday    May 26 8PM Brent Tyler & Garth Kennedy, Jeff Landeen
Wednesday  May 27 8PM Open Mic, CMC Slideshow David Smart
Thursday   May 28 8PM The Lion,The Bear,The Fox
Friday     May 29 9PM Leeroy Stagger
Saturday   May 30 2PM Don Yuzwak's FamJam
Saturday   May 30 9PM Anderson Burko
Sunday     May 31 11AM Leela Aheer Presents
Sunday     May 31 7PM Leela Aheer Presents 
Monday    June 01 8PM TBA
Tuesday   June 02 8PM Tod Hughes
Wednesday June 03 8PM open Mic
Thursday  June 04 8PM Don Amero, Lindsay Ferguson
Friday    June 05 9PM Music in the Mountains
Saturday  June 06 2PM Big Band Brunch, Pete Christlieb 
Saturday  June 06 9PM Steve Coffey & the Lokels
Sunday    June 07 2PM Mo Kenney 
Sunday    June 07 8PM Matt Epp

Monday    June 08 8PM Keifer McLean
Tuesday   June 09 8PM Domino, Troy & Joni Kokol
Wednesday June 10 8PM Open Mic
Thursday  June 11 8PM Danny Michel's "Space Van Tour"
Friday    June 12 9PM Kirby Swell Band
Saturday  June 13 1PM Don Yuzwak's FamJam
Saturday  June 13 9PM Kirby Swell Band
Sunday    June 14 2PM Westmount Charter School
Sunday    June 14 8PM The Heebster
Monday    June 15 8PM War on Light, Scott McKay, Mariel Buckley 
Tuesday   June 16 8PM Ari Neufeld, Joey Only Outlaw band 
Wednesday June 17 8PM Open Mic
Thursday  June 18 8PM Jazz YYC
Friday    June 19 9PM Jazz YYC
Saturday  June 20 2PM Last Big Band Brunch of the Season
Saturday  June 20 9PM Jazz YYC
Sunday    June 21 2PM KLM School of Rock
Sunday    June 21 8PM Jazz YYC

Monday    June 22 8PM Selina Boland
Tuesday   June 23 8PM Mustard Seed Benefit with Strugglah
Wednesday June 24 8PM Open Mic
Thursday  June 25 8PM Mike Little presents
Friday    June 26 9PM Scott Cook 
Saturday  June 27 1PM Don Yuzwak's FamJam
Saturday  June 27 9PM Private Function
Sunday    June 28 2PM Bluegrass Sessions
Sunday    June 28 8PM Alex Hughes

Monday    June 29 8PM Chris Culgin
Tuesday   June 30 8PM Ainsley Friesen & Joel Nickel
Wednesday July 01 8PM Open Mic
Thursday  July 02 8PM TBA
Friday    July 03 9PM Tom Phillips Stampede Kick Off
Saturday  July 04 1PM Don Yuzwak's FamJam
Saturday  July 04 9PM Mike Plume Band
Sunday    July 05 2PM Jordan Matchett 
Sunday    July 05 8PM Blake Berglund

Monday    July 06 8PM Wil
Tuesday   July 07 8PM Wil
Wednesday July 08 8PM Open Mic
Thursday  July 09 8PM Mary Gauthier
Friday    July 10 9PM Mary Gauthier
Saturday  July 11 1PM Don Yuzwak's FamJam
Saturday  July 11 9PM The Weber Brothers
Sunday    July 12 2PM Stampede Mardi Gras
Sunday    July 12 8PM Blake Berglund

Monday    July 13 8PM TBA
Tuesday   July 14 8PM TBA
Wednesday July 15 8PM Open Mic
Thursday  July 16 8PM Romi Mayes CD Release
Friday    July 17 9PM Mocking Shadows
Saturday  July 18 1PM Don Yuzwak's FamJam
Saturday  July 18 9PM Mocking Shadows
Sunday    July 19 1PM Bluegrass Sessions
Sunday    July 19 8PM Pear, Danny Olliver & Colter Wall

Monday    July 20 8PM TBA 

Tuesday   July 21 8PM Brock Zeman
Wednesday July 22 8PM Toby
Thursday  July 23 8PM TBA
Friday    July 24 9PM Sean Ashby
Saturday  July 25 1PM Don Yuzwak's FamJam
Saturday  July 25 9PM Twenty Centuries of Stony Sleep, No Famous Death
Sunday    July 26 Swing Connection, A Sinatra Tribute
Sunday    July 26 8PM TBA 

Monday    July 27 8PM Jens Lindeman
Tuesday   July 28 8PM Keith Dyck
Wednesday July 29 8PM Open Mic
Thursday  July 30 8PM Up on Cripple Creek "The Band Tribute" 
Friday    July 31 9PM TBA
Saturday  August 01 1PM Don Yuzwak's FamJam