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Sunday- Thursday 8PM
Friday. Saturday 9PM

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Thursday  July 05 8PM Daring Greatly/Sean Hamilton & the Judas Brothers 
Friday    July 06 9PM Stampede Kickoff with 
                  Tom Phillips & the Men of Constant Sorrow
Saturday  July 07 2PM TBA
Saturday  July 07 9PM Sean Ashby / Randy Hutchings
Sunday    July  08 2PM TBA 
Sunday    July  08 8PM Pat Temple & the HiLO Players

Monday    July  09 8PM Michael Daniels 
Tuesday   July  10 8PM Campbell Woods / Trundled
Wednesday July  11 8PM Open Mic with special host Tom Phillips<========NEW
Thursday  July  12 8PM  Steve Pineo Band  <==== NEW
Friday    July  13 9PM Magnolia Buckskin/ The Ruminates <==== NEW
Saturday  July  14 2PM Don Yuzwaks FamJam 
Saturday  July  14 9PM Greg Albright & the NotSoBrights  
Sunday    July  15 2PM TBA 
Sunday    July  15 8PM Stampede Wrap Up Party with Bryson Waind & the CB 

Monday    July  16 8PM A New Ground
Tuesday   July  17 8PM Cameron Molloy with John Cronin <==========NEW
Wednesday July  18 8PM Open Mic
Thursday  July  19 8PM TBA
Friday    July  20 9PM Brent Tyler / Vic Ruggiero <==========NEW
Saturday  July  21 2PM Bluegrass Sessions 
Saturday  July  21 9PM Harpdog Brown
Sunday    July  22 8PM CLOSED

Monday    July  23 8PM Rotary Park 
Tuesday   July  24 8PM Jerry Leger & The Situation/ Richard Inman
Wednesday July  25 8PM Lemon Bucket Orkestra
Thursday  July  26 8PM TBA <=========NEW
Friday    July  27 9PM Ryan & Sam Weber
Saturday  July  28 2PM Jens Lindeman CD Release<===========NEW
Saturday  July  28 9PM Echo Nebraska
Sunday    July  29 2PM TBA 

Monday    July  30 8PM Randy McAllister
Tuesday   July  31 TBA
Wednesday Aug 1 8PM Open Mic
Thursday  Aug 2 8PM Ali McCormick & Justine Vandergrift
Friday    Aug 3 9PM Maverick Cinema
Saturday  Aug 4 11AM Inglewood Sunfest Don Yuzwaks FamJam 
Saturday  Aug 4 9PM  Sunfest Evening Edition with Matt Patershuk & Friends <==== NEW
Sunday    Aug 5 2PM TBA 
Sunday    Aug 5 8PM TBA 

Monday    Aug 6 TBA
Tuesday   Aug 7 8PM Steve Poltz  
Wednesday Aug 8 8PM Open Mic
Thursday  Aug 9 8PM This is Kit
Friday    Aug 10 9PM Jay Bowcott 
Saturday  Aug 11 2PM Bluegrass Sessions 
Saturday  Aug 11 9PM Punch Drunk Cabaret/ Plaid Tongued Devils 
Sunday    Aug 12 2PM TBA <==== NEW
Sunday    Aug 12 8PM TBA <=====NEW 

Monday    Aug 13 TBA
Tuesday   Aug 14 8PM Bill Kirchen & Jimmy Dale Gilmore
Wednesday Aug 15 8PM JP Cormier & Dave Gunning 
Thursday  Aug 16 8PM Dead Elvis Bash
Friday    Aug 17 9PM Dead Elvis Bash
Saturday  Aug 18 2PM TBA
Saturday  Aug 18 9PM Steve Strongman Trio
Sunday    Aug 19 2PM TBA 

Monday    Aug 20 TBA
Tuesday   Aug 21 8PM The Unfortunates 
Wednesday Aug 22 8PM The Marwills
Thursday  Aug 23 8PM RagTag MissFits Tour 
with Carolyn Mark, Shirley Gnome, Oil Seed & Chris Demeanor 
Friday    Aug 24 9PM Sam Weber
Saturday  Aug 25 2PM TBA
Saturday  Aug 25 9PM Sam Weber
Sunday    Aug 26 2PM  

Monday    Aug 27 TBA
Tuesday   Aug 28 TBA
Wednesday Aug 29 8PM Open Mic
Thursday  Aug 30 8PM Rebecca Lappa
Friday    Aug 31 9PM Sweet Vintage Rides